Thread: Weekly Poll: Seismitoad versus Simipour
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While not a fan at all of the elemental monkeys, there is something about Simipour I like. Its design is better compared to the other monkeys and it is by far the better battler, IMO. It has access to substitute and Nasty Plot as well, and competitively that is one of the best combinations possible. It also has great speed to go along with a great special attack, so if you let it set up it will sweep your team with ease. As for Seismitoad there is nothing much that is great about it. It has mediocre stats a bad movepool, and if I remember correctly it doesn't get Ice Beam, so that is another hinderance. It has a double weakness to grass, a very common attack leaving you with very little options to use it. I have found about all it can do is send off a pretty strong Hydro Pump, but you cant rely on just that. Also its design is one of the worst ever, and I hate to say that because I love the Unova Pokemon, but Seismitoad, IMO was just one of the ones GF failed to deliver on. So in the end Simipour is better than Seismitoad.
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