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1ninjadude1701 Pokemon Domination is accepted!
I was very much sceptic about accepting this, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Just don't let it be in vain!

Klar's The Hunt for Regivale is declined.
Though you've got your setting all worked out, you'll need to iron out what exactly the players will be doing and how Professor Palm's death and the email is relevant to the grand scheme of things.

123mew2's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is declined.
Please read the Roleplay Rules thoroughly before posting a roleplay. You'll need a sufficient plot, rules section and a rating before getting accepted.

OrangeNess' ~Sinnoh~ is declined.
You'll need to outline what the players will actually be doing in the roleplay. A little more detailed than "taking down Team Galactic". d:

fortworth96's IC thread is accepted!

gimmiepie's Reapers: Keepers of the Balance is accepted!
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