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Originally Posted by Elendil View Post
Have something like HGSS, where it was hard, but not game breakingly hard. It was a nice enough challenge, and it added an edge that was lost in this generation. I mean I have a lot of the needed items in high stock, and my wallet is filled with 5+ million pokedollars. And I didn't even need to buy any health aids, thanks to the Pokewood giving you a boatload of lemonades. Finish it early on, and your set for the game really.
Oh I never got rewards from PokeStar, but wow, that's really crazy. I think there definitely was an excess in Unova. Maybe when you sell items they're 25% of the original price? I'm still not sure what way I think it'll likely go in terms of money but if there's a lot of ways to find items and find recovery items, at least make purchasing and such a bit harder.
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