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Here's a copy and paste of what I posted on a different forum.

Rio the Lucario

Level 81
Lonely Nature
Floccesy Ranch
Met at Lv. 5
Highly Curious
Exp. Points: 553672
To Next Lv.: 15169


-Shadow Claw
-Ice Punch
-Close Combat

HP: 224 {Below Average}
ATK: 244 {Above Average}
DEF: 123 {Semi-Above Average}
SP. ATK: 216 {Above Average}
SP. DEF: 131 {Below Average}
SPD: 180 {Below Average}
Ability: Steadfast

Comments: Rio was essentially my Starter Pokemon, since I boxed Tepig in favor of him. He evolved incredibly quickly before Roxie's Gym but his moveset took a long time before it blossomed. In Driftveil, I tutored him Ice Punch and then re-taught him Dark Pulse at the PWT, which would soon be replaced with Shadow Claw. I originally planned on having him a mixed Physical and Special Attacker, but because of his Lonely Nature, Physical Attack was a stronger option. During the entire game he was helpful, he could overpower opponents very early on, later into the game it felt like his weaknesses became more and more annoying because of the damage he took, but he was a trooper for the most part and could withstand them and finish of his opponent with a hard-hitting move before he was finished himself. His ability was not much of a help, it didn't hinder him thankfully, but during the entire course of the game, it only came into effect twice total. Once when I was hit by Bite early on, and a second time during the E4 rematch. I named him 'Rio', because during my old Platinum playthrough, I named my Female Lucario; 'Luca'. 'Luca' + 'Rio' = Lucario. I do not think he was MVP, but he is so close to being it. If he wasn't so vulnerable to his weaknesses near the end, he could've taken the spot.

Michael the Electivire

Level 80
Hardy Nature
Virbank Complex
Met at Lv. 10
Loves to Eat
Exp. Points: 526637
To Next Lv.: 4804


-Wild Charge
-Fire Punch

HP: 258 {Average}
ATK: 235 {Average}
DEF: 122 {Semi-Below Average}
SP. ATK: 175 {Average}
SP. DEF: 149 {Above Average}
SPD: 189 {Average}
Ability: Motor Drive

Comments: I obtained Michael from Virbank Complex after wasting 20 Pokeballs on him in an attempt to catch it. at first, I thought he evolved from happiness which I soon found out wasn't the case. Then at the PWT, I thought I would get the Electirizer there, but once again, I found out that I'd be waiting a lot longer for him to evolve. Even though he evolved late, that didn't hinder his moveset. Early on, I replaced Low Kick with Rock Smash like an idiot which I regretted quickly. I also replaced Swift with Electro Ball which I regretted because I lacked a neutral move, because of that, I taught him Return over Shock Wave. he evolved during Elesa's Gym and evolved into Electivire after Marlon's gym. He was the last to evolve completely on the team. I tutored him Fire Punch early on, and taught him Psychic over Return. I kept Thunder Wave during the game, for catching Pokemon. When it was necessary, I would teach him Flash or Strength over Thunder Wave. His ability for the longest time was Static, which whenever I was searching through Shaking Grass, would make me run into Emolga too much. After evolving the second time, he got Motor Drive, which was never used at all, since the AI wasn't that stupid anymore. He had a Hardy Nature, which didn't boost or decrease any stats, which wasn't necessary because his Attack was his strongest stat when he became Electivire, hence the choice of Wild Charge over Thunderbolt. Scope Lens became the item of choice for him after some thinking between it and Rocky Helmet. I named him Michael, because I was raging hardcore when I caught him because I threw 20 Pokeballs to get him. At the time, I was watching Achievement Hunter Let's Play 'Mari0'. Michael is the guy playing who did a series called 'Rage Quit'. Since I was raging, it seemed appropriate. I don't think he deserved LVP or MVP, since he would often get into Red Health, but he would also quickly finish off any opponent without annoyances.

Jordan the Vaporeon

Level 81
Naive Nature
Castelia City
Met at Lv. 19
A little quick tempered
Exp. Points: 539948
To Next Lv.: 11420


-Ice Beam
-Signal Beam
-Shadow Ball

HP: 326 {Above Average}
ATK: 157 {Below Average}
DEF: 122 {Semi-Below Average}
SP. ATK: 208 {Average}
SP. DEF: 157 {Above Average}
SPD: 146 {Below Average}
Ability: Water Absorb

Comments: I caught Jordan at the Castelia Park and I leveled him up using the Exp. Share, since Eevee itself isn't strong. After some leveling up, I felt like an idiot, since I figured out I could've just traded him over, evolved him, traded him back and gotten a few useful moves out of it! After doing exactly that, but late, I re-taught it Water Gun in Pokemon White, which now that I think about it, it would've been smarter to use some TM's from that game on it. So I re-taught it Aurora Beam in this game at PWT as well as tutoring it Signal Beam. Then it got Surf and Shadow Ball and his moveset barely changed from there. It got Ice Beam to go over Aurora Beam, but that's about it. I teach it Waterfall and Dive when necessary. It probably got the worst nature possible, since it lowers Special Defense, one of it's best stats and boosts Speed, it's worst. I still kept him the way he is though. It's ability was also rarely used, but sometimes during Double Battles with my Rival Hugh, he would put it to use with his Samurott. I named him Jordan because at the time I was watching a CaptainSparklez video. Sparklez's real name is Jordan and at the same time it is Kootra's real name, from The Creatures. He was not deserving of MVP, but I doubt he deserves LVP either.

Victoria the Darmanitan

Level 80
Adamant Nature
Route 4
Met at Lv. 16
Often scatters things
Exp. Points: 539724
To Next Lv.: 7550


-Zen Headbutt
-Flare Blitz
-Stone Edge

HP: 299 {Above Average}
ATK: 304 {Above Average}
DEF: 115 {Below Average}
SP. ATK: 67 {Below Average}
SP. DEF: 108 {Below Average}
SPD: 197 {Average}
Ability: Sheer Force

Comments: I caught Victoria on Route 4 early so I could use her against Burgh. She's the only female on the team but she's also the strongest. Her attacks were always incredibly strong from the start but that combined with her attack stat was deadly. She learnt Flare Blitz which I kept even though it has knockback and also Superpower which I gave a PP Max so I could use it more. I tutored it Zen Headbutt after the plane ride so that she's able to counter Fighting-types and then taught her Rock Slide. I would normally give her Strength when I needed, but I swapped that role over to Michael. After the E4 the first time, I gave her Stone Edge and a PP Max for it even though it's accuracy was bad. Early on, she had Hustle as her ability which was a pain in the ass because I would constantly miss and die from it, but after evolving and getting Sheer Force, she became god-like. I named her Victoria because during my White Fire Mono-Type, I had a Male Darmanitan named 'Melbourne'. Her nature makes it so her attack goes up extra and her special attack goes down, which is extra good because that makes here even more of a beast. Extra Attack + Sheer Force + Huge Base Attack = Amazing. So after some thought, I decided to give MVP for my team to Darmanitan, since she is always able to One or Two-Hit KO any Pokemon and stay alive all the time. She definitely deserves it.

Seamus the Flygon

Level 81
Hasty Nature
Desert Resort
Met at Lv. 21
Alert to Sounds
Exp. Points: 548720
To Next Lv.: 20121



HP: 243 {Average}
ATK: 211 {Below Average}
DEF: 150 {Above Average}
SP. ATK: 172 {Below Average}
SP. DEF: 139 {Average}
SPD: 138 {Above Average}
Ability: Levitate

Comments: I caught it in the Desert Resort as a Trapinch and taught it a few TM's to boost it's variety, but the TM's I taught it were kind of crap. It evolved into Vibrava at Driftveil and it became a lot faster but it lost some power. Later on, before Drayden's gym, it fully evolved Flygon and I tutored it Dragon Pulse. Before the First E4 Battle, It started with Dragon Pulse and learned Dragon Claw for its dragon-type moves. Afterwards, I taught it Outrage, since it needed a stronger move. It had Earth Power for a long time before I got Earthquake for it and Crunch wasn't good at all, so I taught it SolarBeam because I had trouble with Water/Ground Combos. I barely ever used Fly, since it was bad move in general. Its nature boosts its speed and decreases its defense, even though its defense is one of the best on the team. Its ability was Arena Trap at the beginning, which was useless, but it got Levitate which gave it two complete resistances. I named him Seamus, because at the time I was watching SSoHPKC's videos and his real name is Seamus. It's pronounced "Shay-m-us". I was thinking he would be the LVP of the team, but I don't think he is that bad. Which means there's only one other possible option for LVP.


Level 80
Hasty Nature
Driftveil City
This Pokemon was apparently friends with a certain Trainer
Proud of its power
Exp. Points: 545671
To Next Lv.: 1603


-Night Daze
-Focus Blast

HP: 230 {Below Average}
ATK: 217 {Average}
DEF: 123 {Semi-Above Average}
SP. ATK: 236 {Above Average}
SP. DEF: 137 {Average}
SPD: 238 {Above Average}
Ability: Illusion

Comments: This is the one Pokemon in my team that I did not name nor did I catch. His moveset was horrible for the entire time I had him, it's still not that good, but its all I can give him. He had Night Slash and Dig for a long time before I gave him Night Daze. I also decided to teach him Toxic, even though I never ever used it once from when I taught it to him, but I kept it anyway. I gave him Flamethrower and Focus Blast during the end of the game. I would teach him Cut over Toxic whenever I needed it. His nature makes his Speed go up just like Seamus'. At the end, I fed him all my EV boosting items because he was the only one who could take them. I choose him for LVP because his moveset is incredibly limited and for the most part he couldn't do too much damage. He was good at the beginning but his best redeeming quality was his boosted EXP by the end, because it would make leveling him up a lot quicker. He actually managed to confuse me sometimes though, when I switched to him and Michael would come out, I'd freak out and wonder why he was out, before I realized it was Zoroark.

Sorry for the amount of detail and effort I put into it and the comments. We just decided to put effort into our descriptions on the other forum.

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