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Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
Well i wouldn't ask without searchign first but, the answer didn't help me 100%

After i tried to resize a map in A-map 1.95 Im getting this "Invalid pointer to map header" error.
earched if someone else had this problem before and giradialkia did, and they told him to re-download a new version of A-map, did that but im still getting this error.

I hope theres a solution to his or im screwed

Or if someone can PM me his A-map version if that is allowed and possible.
Yeah, I just use Amap 1.92 for mapping and 1.91 for inserting maps. I haven't downloaded the new version yet, but I've never had any errors using those two. "Invalid pointer to map header" -- What is your map header? Change it to the default in FireRed/whatever rom you're using. See if that fixes it.

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