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Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Elene does not eat babies. She trains them to serve as soldiers in her glorious army.
Every one of your characters seems terrifying in their own ways.

Originally Posted by machomuu View Post

*Looks at my posts*
*Considers how long it takes me*

20 minutes or so here, too. Your posts are fine, machomuu.

Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Also Wolf, Frio went to the room twice, the first time he went and you were not there, the second time he went is when you were likely there (but he ignored you). This is because he came to the room fairly early the first time, then was outside for a bit of time, long enough for you to get done with whatever.
Thanks for clarifying. I hope Frio's in the bottom bed, because if he fell asleep on the top bunk, Solo's gonna throw him off.

Also, again, I'm not my characters. The only character I made as a self-insertee turned out to be a complete muse-killer, so I had to remove it.
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