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Quote originally posted by Darthatron:
I was thinking more of "this is what's wrong with it" rather than "this is worthless". If the mapper is happy to make changes, I don't see why it couldn't be worked out.

Honestly, if someone has the opinion that their work is fantastic and can't take the constructive criticism and make changes accordingly, then they shouldn't be submitting anything for the hack.

In the real world if something isn't right from the person who holds the powers point of view, then it won't be used and you won't get paid.

There needs to be some standard, otherwise it would be all over the place.
Lead us please, oh wise and experienced one.

We almost got 20 people looking at working on this, no one has said no either. Lookin' good in my opinion.

Also, when we do get this going, will we be communicating through a thread? That can get a little spammy. Maybe a chatting program? We can post the chat logs on here or something.

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