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Near Eterna City Ruins

Chapter Two: Part One
Reach for Hope

Amethyst, meet your crazy aunt. Don't get near her. She's schizophrenic. Amethyst's giggling was only withheld until Lucy had to laugh, which echoed in Amy, and seemed to fill the area in joyous giggles. Why can't it always be like this? As the laughter died down, Lucy started talking to Emily, and Mako introduced his sister... Huh. And then she bit him. Well. Ain't that something. Amethyst couldn't help but chuckle at it, covering her mouth with one hand. She couldn't help but keep giggling though, and seeing as someone might wonder why, she spoke though the giggles. "It's just like those old cartoons!" She kept to her laughter a bit, until the ruined city was brought back up. Mako sure was concerned about them!

Amethyst decided to enter this conversation. Something in her pushed her to speak up. "Maybe not... But we have strength in numbers... If we find whoever it is that did it, we can beat them by working together! There's no way we can lose if we just use teamwork!" Then something distracted her. Mako's arm. It looked injured, didn't it? Did it, or did she... Sense it? Either way, she seemed to be following something inside her, and it told her to do this. She approached Mako, gently held onto his arm with both hands, and closed her eyes. She seemed to focus a lot of energy into whatever she was doing, and this showed in the slight grunt she emitted. "Nnnnnngggghhhhh...!"

Her hands began to glow, along with her entire body, and the glowing seemed to cause a reaction on Mako's Arm, healing the injury completely, but leaving Amy a little winded. She smiled, however.

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