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Introduction? Yawn.

Hey, whatchy'all know good? My name is Patrick, and this some shtuff I uploaded because why not, right?

I don't really do much illustration unless there's a good reason for it. I prefer to work on comics, animations and games. Having said that, you'll find that I really enjoy bringing characters to life, and while having fun with them, I really like to make them relatable as well. I'm not much for seriousness or realism, so everything I do is a little silly.

One more thing. I love Nidos ('Rina especially), but honestly it's not nearly as extreme as I make it out to be. The fact is that I own a website that's for the fans of the Nidoran family, and we all contribute to it. Partially as obligation, I do a lot of artwork for the site, so there may be a whole lotta Nido in this gallery since I normally don't draw anyway.


Maybe I'll eventually learn some CSS and make this presentable. But I'm a lazy, lazy man, Roger.

Generic Pokemon


Vulpix Experiment

Really, this is just me diddling around in Paint Tool SAI with no clear goals, getting used to the program. I got tired of messing around, so I quit, and that's why this pic's just a scrap.

Poison Baby (eh, don't ask)

What happened when I really decided to get into Paint Tool SAI. I hardly ever go this far or further. Here's how it started:

*tap dances* and that's the end.

Stuff That Like... Isn't Pokemon



Ninten, not Ness. From MOTHER. This is just hand inked.

Astro and Uran

Another SAI picture. Wanted to get a taste of that world famous crisp lineart the program's known for. I ended up playing this one a little too straight. Uran totally looks like something I'd draw, but Astro's a little too on model (how many people do you know say that?). Then again, I really like admire Osamu Tezuka, and I guess I really didn't know how to make Astro Boy authentic and mine at the same time. I'll attempt him again later, along with Kimba and some other Tezuka stars.

Four drink picture minimum.

Pokemon Characters from Comics, Shorts, Games, etc. (or the meat of this gallery)


Current Illustrations


Music Changes Your Perspective

Looks like it was done in SAI, doesn't it? It wasn't.

Anyway, this is Nidorina, a (what else) Nidorina who's the equivalent of a 25 year old. You've undoubtably seen her in my avatar. She's the Nidorina who was based off of my Silver game, so I've been drawing her for about, what, 12 years? She's also the co-mascot for the Aqua Bunny, my Nido website, so a lot of people draw tend to draw her too. I think she's the most popular one.

Here's the colored version:

The hardest thing about drawing her with clothes is that she still has the same stumpy Nidorina anatomy (though exaggerated enough to allow flexibility). I like to draw "funny animals" (like Felix the Cat, or Meowth I guess), so I restrict myself to drawing mostly in their anatomy. Nidorina in headphones is kind of a theme on my site. Some other people have done it as well. I'd venture a guess that she's an audiophile.



CLASH! Pocket Monsters

Promotional art for the following set of sprites. Simplified comic like style. I imagine Marvel vs. Capcom's Variable Cross music when I look at this picture.

CLASH! Pocket Monster Sprite Animations

All based on Paul Robertson's spriting style, taken from what I believe was a Gamasutra article where he explains going all out when it comes to sprite animations. I hear that. My favorite games have whimsical, expressive sprite animations. These were mainly done as practice for when I work on original game art (they won't look like his, of course). Note: Nidorina's been altered since the version I posted in the general Pixel thread.

Nidorina "Nini" S.; Nidoran "Didi" S.; Andy S.; Vulpix “Pixie” A.

Nidorino I.; Bellsprout B.; Bulba C.; Lisa B.

And look! Everyone's a different size, too. It's all based on age, evolution and/or genetics. Do I spend a lot of time on unnecessary character details? Is the Pope Catholic?

That Boy Ain't Right (or photos that prove "that boy ain't right")


Not looking for crits here, just posting these for fun.

So I started this thing long ago where we as fans take pictures of whatever Nido figurines we have around the world in famous locations. Not being one to find acting out of the ordinary unordinary enough (and with generic Pokemon still being boring to me), I decided to step up my fanaticism. What if a certain ensemble cast were roaming the streets?

Focus was to be on what's behind them, but whatevs.

Based on (so far) two separate occasions using the same cast. Clothes and hairstyles change, just like you'd expect a person to do. :P Actually, there's probably about another 200 of these and they tell a story with some commentary. I've referred to it as a photo comic.

Animated Stuff (the real reason anyone's here)


Let's face it. It's the only reason anyone would click on this gallery. It's the only reason I started it.

Tonight/I Feel Fine!!

Not a sequel per se, but in continuing with the animation I made like 3-4 years ago with Rainy ~ Struck by the Rain, I'm combining more Nidorina and Rhythm Heaven than anyone would have ever, ever wanted. Unlike Rainy, though, this one’s all about fun, and everyone’s a lot more in character. Lots of game references and mythology gags based on the comics ahead.

What I'm presenting is a very rough draft version of how the short will look (which is something I never do). Lots of straight ahead drawings and doodles, loose construction in some places, notes here and there. The backgrounds are a mess. But honestly, it doesn't matter, I’m the only one working on it. I’ll draft things out better in the next phase. Oh boy. Can’t wait to draw all those inbetweens. =_=;

I'm giving you links to flash players this time. Here's Tonight, the English version.
And for those of you who like their Rhythm Tengoku in Japanese, here's I Feel Fine.

Seriously, I better not find these on YouTube tomorrow. :( Also, I find this inbetween amusing every time I look at it. I dunno.

Older, But Not That Old, Stuff


Other things I've done regarding Aqua Bunny or related:

Hey hey now.

I usually draw Nidorino to match his rabbit half more often. This time, I focused on his rhino half. Also, don't peck at poisonous creatures. :P

I think I did this in '09.


Valentine's pic, 2010. I mostly draw holiday pics these days and that's about it. It's the only time of year anyone's guaranteed some art from me.

New Years, clearly. Possibly a bit overwhelming, but my excuse is that I was on a Sonic Colors kick back then, so I had to make everything bright and neon and whatever.

Easter 2011. Boring as heck.

Halloween, 2011

Val 2012. All based on actual legitimate phrases that can be found iRL (some are from joke candy like Bittersweets, though).

This is actually giftart for someone on DA. I got lazy with the background after a while. Her character looks a lot like Nidorina S., it's not because I can only draw one type. :P I think she was inspired by her several years ago, so...

Done in '08? She's the other mascot for AB. Less popular, but my favorite, and technically the oldest Nidorina character I have, or have even known (started way way back in 1999).

Also probably doodled in '08. This pic is important because up until this point I was bored and sad because I drew everyone too darn on model without my personal influences.

Some resized servicable wallpaper sized stuff, based on the major three Nidorina personalities on the site.

Chibi-Chibis! I use this images as eyecatches between pics on my site's Tumblr Gallery. The concept of Chibi-Chibi didn't start off looking Tokidoki-esque, but it gravitated in that direction eventually.

That's all for now. Sorry if everything's so overwhelmingly Nido (read: I'm not sorry at all).

Now if you excuse me, I must get back to doing important things. *sits in chair and falls asleep*

Other Stuff That's Totally Uncool and Not Worth Your Time!

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