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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
That doesn't mean that you have to lose stuff though, it might just be something subliminal and extra. I mean, Musicals were something Pokemon games could've gone without and they didn't, so... :x
Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
The ferris wheel and Yancy and Curtis were the most romance focus the games have been barring DPPt with the opposite sex main player. So maybe they could do a Yancy/Curtis like character thoughout the game.
If it was something that simple, and if it didn't mean they had to use resources that might've been used on something else (pokemon, moves, routes, puzzles, battles, graphics, sound...) - sure. I'd have no problem with that. But I'm still concerned that if they were to implement some form of romance (or at least something more than Yancy/Curtis), it'd be at the cost of something else. Now certainly, if that something else was musicals, that'd be okay, except that instead of musicals, I want to see something more in line with the RSE/DPPt contests, so in my ideal game, those resources have already been diverted. :D
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