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Classroom to Dorm Room

Chapter One: Part Seven
Reluctant Beginnings

Solo shook his head. "There's no way to restore the past. Humans will never change, and I have no intention of changing my opinion either. I'll never forgive those... Bastards." He sighed, and stood up as he was finally allowed to leave. As he was about to exit the room, he turned and spoke to the teacher, saying, "You know, I could have left at any time. Consider yourself honored. Now, I gotta go mark my territory, since some wise-ass decided to group me with someone." He then left, changing into his natural wolf form right in front of the teacher, and using the slight boost of speed in this form, bolted back to his dorm. If those girls were still waiting, there's no way they could catch him now. The grey blur shot through the halls and out the door.

Solo finally reached his dorm, seeing the other kid who must have been Frooie or whatever, out cold. At least he didn't take the top bunk. With a great leap, the grey wolf landed on his bed up top. He glanced at his bag, though decided against unpacking. "I'll worry about it tomorrow..." and with that, closed his eyes to sleep.


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