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Thanks. Then does this sound good? Pokemon yellow, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Fire red, Pokemon Soulsilver, Pokemon Emerald(I already played both emerald and sapphire, should I just skip it? I am afraid I will constantly have that "ugh when will this finish so I can move on to something I never play" feeling, yep, another subjective question) Then pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Black etc. I will have plenty of time to decide what next, since I am a slow kind of player, I don't like to rush, I like to enjoy the game as much as possible.
Good idea? Yes, no? huh?

Although, this battery thing bothers me a lot. Basically these games are old, chances I will be able to play through the whole game without losing the save are not as big as I'd want them to be, and I dont know how to change them (even better, how to change them without breaking the game). Speaking of, which games have these problems? Pokemon red,blue,green,yellow,silver,gold...any others?

And the last thing, may I make a thread somewhere on this forum about buying games? I am trying to get them cheap, so may I ask it on here, or it's against the rules?

Thanks :D