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Don't worry, I prefer a much more in depth review anyhow. It helps me identify my issues. I really appreciate how you comment on my animations actually <3

If you're curious, I just quickly export them using Adobe Flash CS3. The jaggedness in the animation isn't present in the original SWFs. I don't upload them onto Youtube since my computer is crap and can't handle the process of converting SWF to AVI or something.

I find it amusing that you reference Tails as "classic tails" since I was just working from memory :U I don't really try to draw any character in a specific style, just what comes natural to me. It's funny that I got him pretty close actually.

On Murkrow - Yeah, that's exactly what I did. I was a bit depressed when making those few animations actually and an attempt to overcome it, I just pumped out a short loop a day to keep myself occupied. As such, I took quite a few shortcuts. My animation uses a lot of tweening as opposed to frame-by-frame (although I still use it quite often). The NG flash doesn't use nearly as many shortcuts (although I used the Cane symbol like 200000 times @-@)

I should be uploading reference pics for characters on a game I'm working on with a friend soon. :U So then you can critique my designs lol
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