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Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
No, no tutoring. If people want to learn they can do it on their own time. Having to teach someone how to program/map/whatever will only take up more time, be more disorganized, and isn't really fair to everyone else because statistically speaking, the beginner's quality will not be as good.
I guess you're right. Ones willing to learn would eventually make it through themselves.
I just have hard time imagining it to happen; I "grew up" hacking Gen II which kinda makes you learn stuff in a whole different way.
And even I got almost nowhere in two years from the point since I started.

Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
But you know, if people like Darthatron/Chaos/Gira don't want to/can't do it, I'm not sure the quality of the hack will be that great. If people are serious about this, then we definitely want all good people, or else the bad will drag everyone else down. Harsh, yeah, but true.
That's true though.

The project won't get anywhere if there are no leaders to take care of the job. Personally, I don't see this as an idea worth implementing if more advanced hackers don't want to be part of it. And whether or not to help out is everyone's own decision.

Yet still, creativity should be pulled off somewhere. No matter how great rom hackers we have got, it doesn't mean they could make a fun and good hack.
Most hacks out there aren't really that great. I personally don't like playing games where the events are predictable beforehand.

I could probably help out with the planning of storyline and events if others are interested. For reference, I did some planning earlier (I know... it sounds a lot Final Fantasy like...)
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