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I don't see it making us dumber. Maybe it seems like that because since the internet is open to the world, you see more dumb people than you would by just going about your daily routine without internet. There are dumb people all over the world and along with the other smart people, we meet the other dumb people the world has to offer.

I personally find that the internet has helped me gain knowledge. I get to interact with so many differently minded people than I would in person and I get to experience their ideas as well as mine and it's shaped me as a person today. Not saying my brain is that malleable, but when you live in the Bible Belt, it's good to get online and see corners of the world that are more progressive thinkers. I'm not saying we're all bad in the Bible Belt of course, but majority of it pretty much sucks. And I find out most of my news through OC&D, actually. You get to learn more about your world rather than just your city, state, and/or country than you would if we didn't have the internet. That's just how I feel on the matter, though.

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