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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese

Amethyst walked over to Mako and grabbed his arm. He wasn't sure what she was doing, but he didn't protest. She then started grunt, as if she were thinking really hard about something, and then she started to glow. A strange sensation came over his arm, and once Amy stopped, something felt like it was missing. He grabbed his arm in several places, and noticed that it didn't hurt at all...though, to say he "forgot" that he'd broken his arm...was actually rather accurate. He'd inadvertently been using his good arm since his broken one got snapped in half, and it was barely being held together by the still reforming bone that was there. He'd gotten used to the pain and the strange aches, and it actually felt unnatural for them to be removed so suddenly. He noticed that the claw marks from the Haxorus were gone, as well- well, those that were on his arm were, at least.

"Wow, Amy. I didn't know you could do that." Mako continued to feel the various parts of his arm. He looked at Amy and said, "Thank you!" He said, flashing a smile. "But are you alri-" He stopped suddenly. He looked at Amy, then to Cecilia, and then to the others. Then, he tried to touch his back, reaching around his shoulders and up from across his waist. He felt something...very...VERY strange. It felt almost like some sort of thick paper. Then, the paper moved. "GAH!" Mako said, immediately throwing off his upper-body wear to reveal claw and sword wounds across his chest. He reached back again and tried to feel the strange object on his back. It was smooth, nothing he'd ever felt before. He grabbed a hold of part of the strange object and pulled on it. Whatever it was came apart rather easily, but he felt a sharp pain on his back when he did it.

He looked at what was in his hand, and...he was sure he'd seen it before. It was black, and it had small hair-like appendages branching off of it. He thought, and he thought for a few moments more. Then, he remembered. It was something he'd seen in his storybooks about pokemon at a younger age. His eyes widened when he realized that what he was holding was a feather, and thus the sharp pain came from the fact that he had wings.

He knew he couldn't fly, though. He had no control over the wings other than a few basic movements, and he wasn't completely sure that there were bones in his wings. How long had they been there, though? Since the metamorphosis just a few minutes ago? Well, that's what he went with. He put his clothes back on, and turned back to Amy, clearing his throat and then saying, " are you okay?"
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