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This is nothing to LOL about!

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Quote originally posted by FBI agent:
Vote, participate, learn, profit!
You forgot "???" in between "learn" and "profit"!

Quote originally posted by FBI agent:
Quote originally posted by hinkage:
No, no tutoring. If people want to learn they can do it on their own time. Having to teach someone how to program/map/whatever will only take up more time, be more disorganized, and isn't really fair to everyone else because statistically speaking, the beginner's quality will not be as good.
Not always true, like I said you can make a video while you do something. Easy-mode, you don't even need to write stuff like in guides.
Well, if we did the "workshop" system then it wouldn't be disorganized at all, and it'd definitely be helpful. Alternatively, we could create a Tutor Sect made up of 1 (or a couple) hacker of a specific specialization to help tutor those who want to learn. And, if we were to go further with that, that sect could hold short lessons (in the form of threads or some sort of chat) to teach potential hackers on a larger scale.