Thread: [B2/W2] What is Your Team in B/W 2
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Samurott (Bing) Lvl. 63. Pretty much ended up using him as an HM slave... :/
Weezing (Phoebe) Lvl. 62. Never used a Poison-type before and ended up getting pretty attached to her once I nicknamed her, so I kept her on my team.
Swoobat (Herakles) Lvl. 65
Magmar (Mustang) Lvl. 76. I got it in a trade as a Magby, so that's why its level is so high. I do plan on evolving it again when I find a Magmarizer.
Magnezone (Zeus) Lvl. 67.
Krookodile (Victor) Lvl. 62.