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Quote originally posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire:
I was joking Forever xD Volcorona is okay...for now.
I read this here rumor in the Pokejungle rumor list "There are indeed new evolutions and pre-evolutions, most of them focused on Gen V Pokémon. However, a few older Pokémon, including Gen I classics, are getting surprising new developments" If it's true I wonder which Gen 1 pokemon it'll be... so far only Taurus, Lapras, Ditto, Farfetch, Pinsir and Aerodactyl don't have either a pre evo or an evo from gen 1. Though it could also be an addition to a two line like a Scyther pre evo, or a Jynx evolution. I want this to be real, it gives me hope for a Jynx evo.
Yeah I read that. I hope that's kind of true given there's a few two-line evolutions and it'd be interesting to see what can come from Unova, BUT again I don't think most of Unova really needs evolutions/pre-evolutions yet - so in a few generations? For now there will probably be just a few, so I'm kind of doubting it (unless there's like 10 in total). :x
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