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Originally Posted by Dennie View Post
Wow man can i hire you for some unique pokemons?
I can design them. Don't expect them Sugimori style though, that's not really my thing :U I draw in my own style. I actually made like 100 fakemons a while back for my own ROM hack. That was a super long time ago though.

Originally Posted by Gyardosamped View Post
My favorite were all the birds and the "Guy with pokemon that I'm not friends with anymore". Do you have any tips on starting off making digital art for all us newbies? :p
Understand colour theory, draw by hand first, try your hardest to learn proportions/anatomy and experiment. I mean, that's what you should do. Also, don't try to define yourself from another style. Don't draw anime or manga just because it's cool. Draw what comes naturally to you. Art is self expression - just trying to do what everyone else is hardly self expression, now is it?

And most importantly, never ever give up. When I was 13 I was drawing stuff like this but as I got older I just didn't give up and I've progressively gotten better over time.

That's my advice.


Commander conceptual art

The commander character concept from the game I'm working on with a friend.

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