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Chapter 1; First steps into a new world
Adam Jenkins//Route 2
Lvl 12

“We need to get more team members. As amazing a team as we are, we can’t beat everything on our own, you know? So we gotta stop knocking out everything we meet.”

Blair looked up to Adam as they continued their trek through the tall grass, not wanting to be boring and travel along the road itself, leading north out of the town. The look the Quilava gave him was a sort of “Then stop ordering me to keep attacking, you dumbass”-look. Adam seemed to get the gist of it and sighed, waving his hand dismissively. “I know, I know I know I know. You don’t have to tell me. I’ll try to work on it.”

After their initial battle with the two Pokémon a little while ago, they’d fought two Cottonees on their way here, not that they had been much of a challenge, considering Blair being a, according to Adam, “Pokémon with a fiery attitude”. Adam continued to scout the grass around them, frowning as there were no Pokémon in sight, least of all the one he wanted to catch.

“Alright, so… we want a Nidoran on our team, right?”


“And we want it to be a male… yeah?”


“And we want him to have a… distinctive personality, mmh?”


Folding his arms across his chest, Adam nodded again, looking a little down, with his brows furrowing. “Right. So we need to find a Nidoran first of all. They’re rodents. They wouldn’t run around in the open. Maybe they…” he paused for a moment before sighing, shaking his head. “Bleh, I can’t think like this. I need some food. You up for a break and some food, Blair?”

“Lava!” Blair responded, his eyes suddenly shining as he stared up at Adam, who responded with a snicker and nodded, trudging over to a grassy knoll nearby, which he plonked himself down on, Blair quickly skittering up to his side and sitting down next to him as Adam pulled the backpack off of his… well, back, rummaged through it and pulled out a wrapped-up ham sandwhich.

As he unwrapped it under the hungry stare of Blair, he looked up as he saw a figure speeding down the road, towards the north. It was a girl with an unbelievably big hat and a dress. She looked rather sweet from what Adam could see, and he partially forgot about Blair, up until the Quilava growled and gave his hand a little nip, making Adam yelp in surprise.

“W-what? Oh! Right, sorry.” He grinned lightly and picked up the sandwhich again, tearing it in half and offering one half to Blair, whom then growled out happily and snagged it from his hand, the flames on his back having been lowered away ever since the last fight had been over. Thanks to the Pokédex, Adam had learned that the flames only ever respouts whenever the Quilava gets some kind of upset.

Munching happily on his part of the sandwhich, Adam looked out over the rolling grass and the warm, blue sky, with only a few, white, fluffy skies dancing softly across the blue canvas of the sky. Adam’s lips curled into a soft smile as he watched a cloud trailing along lazily before looking to Blair whom had laid down and was chewing happily on the sandwhich wedged between his paws.

Adam opened his mouth to say something to Blair as he heard something shuffling about nearby that he hadn’t noticed before. Turning his head to the foot of the small knoll, a Nidoran was sitting at the edge of the grass, staring up at the two of them, its little nose wriggling slightly. Slowly turning his head to look down at Blair, Adam noticed that his Pokémon was now staring directly down at the Nidoran.

In a sudden scramble of limbs, Adam got to his feet, as did Blair. “Blair, get him! Tackle!” The Quilava growled and launched itself forwards, but the Nidoran had been startled by their sudden movements and lept forwards, seemingly disappearing into the knoll itself, avoiding the attack. As Adam got to the ground besides Blair, he saw a small hole in the ground, which must’ve been the Nidoran’s tunnel. “Ack, damnit! How’ll we get him now?” Pulling out his Pokédex, he pointed it down the hole, hoping to get some more information on the bugger.

Nidoran’s picture popped up on the screen, and he slowly read through the information, mouthing it out to himself. “… Blah blah blah… connected tunnels. Ahah! Blair, I have an idea.” Shutting the Pokédex and pocketing it, he pointed down the hole and looked to Blair. “Alright, Ember down the hole! Let’s smoke him out!”

As the smoke billowed from the hole which Blair had spat a couple of embers into, another small whirl of smoke emitting from the other side of the knoll. Adam snapped his fingers and looked to Blair with a grin. “Perfect! We’ve got him now, come on!” Running around the knoll, Adam came to a skidding stop, Blair right behind him as the found the hole with the smoke emitting from, which was obviously connected to the previous hole. However, just as they rounded the side of the small, grassy bump, the Nidoran emitted and stumbled towards the nearby grass tufts, coughing to itself from the smoke.

“Don’t let it get away! Blair, ember and follow up with a tackle!”

“Quil… av!” he growled as Blair spat out a small ball of fire which flew through the air with a crackle and hit the Nidroan square in the side, making it stumble to the side. Turning around, the little creature growled out angrily, having quite had enough of being pushed around by now. It lowered its ears and narrowed its eyes, seemingly gathering energy for its next attack. “Don’t let him hit you, Blair! I think he’s gonna pack a punch!”

Not letting the Nidoran get the upper hand, Blair charged forwards, the red patches on his back erupting into crackling flames as the Quilava slammed its head square against the Nidoran’s and flicked his head backwards, sending the rodent, squealing, mind you, tumbling backwards. Adam held his breath, not wanting to have another knockout on his hands, but to his relief, the Nidoran slowly stumbled to its feet, seemingly readying to attack.

“Perfect! And now, for the finishing blow!” Reaching into his pack’s side, he pulled out a Pokéball, clicking the middle of it as said ball expanded. He pulled his arm backwards and threw it, knocking against the horn of the Nidoran as it was turned into red energy and sucked into the ball. Adam and Blair watched tensely, Adam’s hands clenched into fists as he bit onto his lip. After a little while of wriggling, the ball fell silent and Adam let out a laugh, thrusting his hands into the air.

“Hahah! We did it! We got ourselves a new team member, Blair!” The Quilava seemed satisfied and sat down, letting out a huff as the flames on his back simmered down once more and he took to cleaning himself. Adam walked over and picked up the ball, smiling as he let out the Nidoran next to Blair, who blinked his eyes softly.

“Hey there, fella. Don’t be worried, you’re on our team now. And I take good care of my team members.” He grinned lightly and reached into his pack’s left-most pocket, pulling out a small potion, kneeling down in front of the curious-looking Nidoran, before spraying the fluid onto the Pokémon. Within long, the Nidoran seemed to recover from its exhaustion, shuddering and shaking itself slightly. “Ran!”

“Hah, awesome. Alright, as it’s custom, I should probably name you… hmh…” he packed away the used-up potion in his pack, thanking his parents for their little ‘starter package’ of a couple potions, an antidote and a couple of Pokéballs. However, before he managed to think of a name for the Nidoran, Blair turned his head towards the road, as did Adam and the Nidoran afterwards, as they heard a voice yelling out.

“’Ey! ‘EY! What d’you think y’doin’, chump? ‘S –MY- Nidoran y’got there!”

Looking confused, he looked down to the Nidoran and got up, raising a hand to push his hat a little back as he took in the figure of the man quickly making his way through the tall grass towards them with murder in his eyes.

Well, man is as much said. He looked to be about fifteen as well, same age as Adam, albeit a lot better… built, than him. Where Adam is pretty lithe, but not exactly athletic, the guy storming towards them was ever so slightly wider, a little pudgy, but still somewhat muscly and slightly taller than Adam too. He was wearing a pair of dark-grey cargo pants, sneakers, a pair of fingerless gloves, a black tank top with the image of a roaring flame on it’s back, and on top of that, a black and dark-blue coat. His hair was slicked back and Adam was wondering just for how long he had dunked his head in a vat of gel to get his shoulder-length hair to stay as flat as it was.

“What do you mean it’s “your” Nidoran? If it was, I couldn’t have captured it, right?”

The guy came to a stop in front of Adam, folding his arms across his chest, Adam’s new Nidoran backing a little away from the intimidating man, Blair moving up to the side of Adam, the patches on its back flaring up again.

“I didn’t mean he was –mine- mine, but I’s got my sights on ‘im! What’re you doin’ takin’ my catch from me, huh? HUH? Go on punk, lemme hear you’s excuses!”

Adam frowned slightly at the horribly attitude this guy had, and from what the guy had said, it was clear no matter what Adam said, he wouldn’t believe him, and he’d just get more pissed off than before. So Adam simply smiled and decided to push his buttons a little further.

“Well, I didn’t see you anywhere around here, nor was your name on the Nidoran. If you really wanted to catch it, you should’ve TRIED to catch it, and not just stand by and let someone else do the work for you.”

The guy was absolutely fuming as he stared down at Adam, seemingly wanting to wring his neck, judging from the look in his eyes as he raised a hand to point at the Nidoran.

“T’li’l **** beat m’Pokémon up! I had t’go heal ‘im at the center all the way back in Viridian!”

Adam raised his brows and glanced down at the Nidoran and then back up at the man, unphased with his hands resting on his hips. “… Then your Pokémon probably isn’t very strong, and you should go train somewhere with easier Pokémon. I hear there’re a lot of Rattatas on route one.”

The guy in front of him clenched his fist and let out a little growl and moved his hand in front of him, pointing straight up at Adam’s chin. “Look, pal… I’d fought ‘lot ‘f Pokémon ‘fore him, ‘s not my fault my Pokémon can’t handle fightin’… uh… ten Pokémon before faintin’!”

“Well, if you push your Pokémon like that, no wonder it fainted. You should take better care of your Pokémon.” Adam was starting to get fed up with this guy. He was just trying to pick a fight no matter what, and from the looks of things… Adam was spot on.

“That’s it y’little ****! ‘M gonna beat y’Pokémon up so badly y’can’t even tell ‘em from yourself once ‘m done with ‘em!” With this, he turned and took several steps back before turning again, pulling a Pokéball from his pocket. Realizing that if he probably didn’t get a Pokémon out there, the guy would let his Pokémon attack –him- instead. He glanced down at the Pokémon by his feet and pulled his lips into a smirk. Blair let out a growl and was ready to step forth, but Adam shook his head. “No, hold on Blair. I’ve got a better idea.”

Turning to the Nidoran, Adam gave a confident grin and gave a nod towards the guy standing a few feet away. “You beat his Pokémon once. Think you can do it again?” The Nidoran hesitated, but spurred on by Adam’s confidence, he waddled forwards and spread his legs, letting out a low growl, Adam chuckling and nodding, putting himself into a battle stance as well. “Alright, let’s take this guy down a notch!”

“Y’gonna fight with –him-? Oh, y’best be ready for a poundin’, ‘cause I’m sendin’ one y’way, pal, or my name ain’t Bruce!” With this, he opened the ball in his hand, the red light shooting to the ground in front of him, forming a Cyndaquil who looked… well, more than a little nervous. “Q-Quil?” “A’ight y’runt, this time y’better not fail me! Ember t’bastards Nidoran!”

The Cyndaquil squeaked softly and readied its attack, Adam quickly pulling out the Pokédex and aiming it at the Nidoran. “Moves, moves… right! Nidoran, use leer!” The Nidoran’s eyes flashed momentarily, staring down the Cyndaquil who seemed to shiver, but it didn’t deter its attack as it opened its mouth and spat an ember at the Nidoran, which hit it square on the forehead, making it squeak in pain. The attack was weaker than Blair’s, but the potion hadn’t done wonders for him.

“Hang in there, I have a plan! Use leer again!” The Nidoran’s eyes flashed once more, making the Cyndaquil quiver slightly. “Don’t just stand there ‘n let ‘im do tha’! Ember! AGAIN! ‘S your strongest attack, keep poundin’ ‘im!” The Cyndaquil meekly did as it was told, and another ember flew over, the Nidoran barely dodging the attack.

“Nice one! Alright, one more leer should do it! Keep it together now!”

“Oi! Shut t’hell up over there! I ain’t able to concentrate with y’yellin’! EMBER!” He shouted and thrust his arm forwards, the Cyndaquil obeying despite the shiver moving through it as the leer was directed at it once more. The ember hit its target and the Nidoran was panting for air, weakly.

“Okay, that’ll do. Focus energy now! And try to avoid the next ember, if you can!” The Nidoran tensed up, digging its claws into the ground beneath it as it let out a low growl, energies building up within it. “’S this really all y’got? Y’just gonna sit there starin’ at me while I’m wailin’ on you? ‘S fine with me, pal! Ember, again!”

This ball of fire flew towards the Nidoran as well, but despite trying to dodge it, it hit Nidoran and the rodent fell to its side with a squeak. “No! Nidoran!” Adam called out, eyes wide in worry. “Pffhahaha! Looks like t’runt wasn’t worth my time anyways! Weak lil’ f-“ Just then, the Nidoran shivered and got to his feet again, turning around with a growl. Adam let out a laugh at the annoyed/angry look on Bruce’s face, smirking as he brushed away his scarf, snapped his fingers and pointed forwards.

“Let’s end this! Nidoran, use peck!”

“Nido…!” The weakened little rodent bent down before launching itself forwards, the Cyndaquil surprised at the sudden attack and receiving no orders from its trainer. The horn of the Nidoran slammed firmly into the side of the stumbling Cyndaquil, and with a flick to the side of its head, much like Blair had done earlier, the Cyndaquil yelped out in pain as it was launched off to the side, tumbling to the ground, unconscious, having been knocked out in a single hit.

Bruce stood agape, staring dumbstruck at the Cyndaquil lying motionless as he looked from it, to the Nidoran standing near him, growling challengingly up at him before sauntering back to Adam, quite proudly. Adam smiled and lowered down to pet the Nidoran gently. “Nicely done, buddy. I think you’ve earned your name now. How about… Stomps?” The Nidoran growled out happily and Adam smiled, pulling out his Pokéball, returning him to it. “Get some rest, buddy.”

“You… y’little… y’humiliated me! Y’cheated! Somehow!” If Bruce had looked angry before, it was nothing compared to now. His hands were clenched into fists as he glared over at Adam who looked back at him challengingly, folding his arms across his chest, Blair standing by his side, watching the man wearily. “Yeah? I won the battle fair and square. You should take better care of your Pokémon. And maybe I was wrong earlier, the Rattata might be too big of a mouthful for you.”

Snarling, Bruce whipped out his Pokéball and recalled the Cyndaquil, turning with a final deathly glare at Adam, stomping through the grass while hissing out quietly. “I was chosen by Oak. Me, not t’li’l ****. Gonna get ‘im f’this…”

Once he was out of sight, Adam let out a soft sigh, bending over and placing his hands on his knees. He took a deep breath of air before standing up again, smiling to himself. He didn’t like acting like such a prick, but when it had to do with people like Bruce… he had no quarrel with it at all. People like him should know how to take a defeat, and act with more sportsmanship.

“… Sure was something, huh Blair? Got our new team member –and- beat a trainer. Not bad for a first day, eh?” He grinned down at his companion who let out a little murr, bending his legs and leaping up onto his shoulder and further onto his pack, laying himself down to rest his hind legs on the top of the pack, and the front legs on his shoulder. Adam blinked in surprise at the warmth felt from the Quilava, but simply smiled and raised a hand, scratching his cheek softly. “Tired of walking, huh? Yeah, I think we’ve fought enough Pokémon for now. Let’s get to the rest house and focus on getting through Viridian Forest next.”

With a new team member in tow, and a guy now hellbent on making life miserable for Adam, he moved out onto the road itself and headed towards the rest house to the north.
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