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Favourite Normal type? Uhh... Is it bad that I joined this club with no idea which my favourite is? ;; I love Togekiss for the reasons that I posted in the SU, but I'm not sure I'd call it my favourite... Perhaps Teddiursa? That's incredibly cute and was my first ever shiny, so it'd rank pretty highly... Or I am a huge fan of Buneary too, I've loved that Pokémon ever since seeing Dawn's, it's such a cutie and has a really cool personality! But favourite? Hmm... This is why I've put off answering the topic ahhh, I have no idea I'm sorry! I think I'll have to go with both Buneary and Togekiss because they both mean a lot to me and they're both (moreso buneary) cute as heck! I think Togekiss is a lot more useful, but both Buneary and Lopunny have some 'unique' strategies to use with their quite strange move set/ability combinations (okay basically they can just hurl flame/toxic orbs at things without getting effected themselves and then act as a cute meat shield to get a free switch in - not the best thing ever but kind of cool!), so I guess it's a tie. :D