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Quote originally posted by Xlugon Pyro:
Is it possible I can have grovyle's egg move change to crunch since I haven't posted yet by chance? I gave further thought to Grovyle's potential future move-set and crunch would be better for it in the long term. If this is alright, I'll edit my original sign-up to clarify this fact.
It is possible :3 Do that and I'll change the first post~

Quote originally posted by Jake♫:
Saw earlier that this was full, but just saw the updated OP that there's a spot open for reserve. Mind if I reserve the Hoenn male with Monferno?
I got a PM asking for a spot a few hours before you posted this so I'll have to check with them first. If they don't post an SU, I'll get back to you :3 Thank you for your interest!

Quote originally posted by Sir Bastian:
Bam! Next post done, a Nidoran captured and Bruce the Arserival introduced. Hope y'all like it!
Hahah Arserival! Like it. I'll go read in a mo'

Also, reading Red Wing's Su in a mo'!

EDIT: now it's fine. You're accepted, Red Wing! Welcome to the RP. You may start posting in the IC whenever you like.
Just one thing - if you want Combusken to know an egg move, please say which :3

EDIT2: I just planned out the exact route we should take through Kanto, and found music to go along with every important area (non-routes, mostly). And dear god. Please let us stand by this RP 'til the end because it'll be good.

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