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@ Ink Heart, the spritesplosion with Fefeta hasn't happened before, has it? Only Tavris. I'd wanted to see Jane's sprite reappear ;; But it seems like when they've spritesploded, they don't come back. Maybe we'll see more of Fef and Nep in the next intermission now.

Speaking of which, they should reach the alpha session just about soon, shouldn't they?

Ahahhaa I seriously didn't think Dirk would get tricksterified. But oh well.

I think the clowntroll is helping everyone just because he's the bard and bards are complete wildcards. Bringing about destruction by letting others take action. Sounds totally like helping LE at least.

And yeah, too tired to bother with a thousand spoilers. No one here said that they didn't like us revealing things anyways, so.

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