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Sovereign was caught off guard by the sableye's behavior. His constant smile left him uneasy, as it was also the signature behavior of his own past demon. He felt compelled to ask, but decided against it for the time being. He had enough on his mind without worrying about Varren. The silver tribe was once again whole, and even filled Frosts old position within the Sentinels.

As he listened to the ramblings of the Sableye, he found himself disgusted, not by the Sableye's behavior, but by the fact that he found himself enjoying the descriptions. Sovereign certainly loved brutality on the battlefield, but preferred a real fight. So why did he find all of this talk of poison make him excited? He did not like what was happening to him. He should have had more control than this. So why...?

'Shut up!' Sovereign shouted, his voice echoing with the malice and hate that was welling up inside. 'The King of thieves did not beg for his life, and he did not scream. He may have been a thief, but at least he fought until the end. He died with what little honor he had in tact. Do not speak ill of the dead.' The outburst seemed quite out of context by now, and he certainly wasn't sure why he had done so. But he was relieved to know that his old self was still alive, even in the wake of the rising darkness within him.