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Hey, sorry for the long silence, I got kind of distracted playing White 2 :< (On a sidenote, I completed the Unova Dex ). But I'm working on Glazed full-force now!

Quote originally posted by chrunch:
This looks like a really nice hack, I'll give it a go as soon as I can. One thing I noticed though, is that the hero's overworld sprite looks a bit off, because his hair has no outline while the rest of his body has one. Good work though, I look forward to seeing more progress, And the tiles look really good. :D
The sprites were made by a friend, and recently I decided to put in different sprite for the male and female that were a little more me. Expect to see them soon!

Quote originally posted by CrystalStatic:
This hack looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it! I like the story and the tiles. But I have a question... Just a bit curious. Why did you decide to call your hack Pokemon Glazed? Keep up the great work!
It's kind of a long story xD. Basically, when I was first hacking, my planned region was going to be a big circle with the league in the middle. Since the region was doughnut-shaped, I named the hack after a doughnut. That was years ago, but the name stuck since I never could think of a better name. The regions name, Tunod, reflects this, because Tunod is Donut backwards

Quote originally posted by Luna3415:
This hack looks really amazing, looking forward to see more of this game!

I found however some bugs: the rival sprite does not appear all the time (and with all the time I mean this: The first time that I started the game, I saw the rival and his pokemon, but because of the other bug (the black screen at the inventor's house) I had to reset the emulator and start a new game. Second time I played this game, the sprite of the rival wouldn't appear (Pretty strange!)

Second bug that I encountered: when you enter the inventor's house you get a black screen in which you can't move.
(Does anyone else have this bug?)

Other minor glitch: In the first pokemoncentre, when you go up the stairs, sprite of your own character becomes strange, and your normal sprite only returns when you exit the pokemon centre. I don't think that I can post images yet, so I can't show you it at the moment.
I hadn't noticed it till now, and hadn't seen it any beta tests until just now. I suspect it's something to do with the map being an added map, instead of a modified map. I'm working on moving everything over, but I'm so close to releasing the next beta that a fix won't be released until then. I'm sorry D:

As always, thank you to everyone for your kind words!

I think I'm done with ROM hacking. I'll still pop in and visit, though.

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