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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

Lucia huffed but nodded, "Well fine. Next time at least let me know ahead of time!" She walked back to Brian with a smile. "You want in then I take it? You can't tell anyone else got it! We could use your help though... first off, know any romantic areas around campus? A place that all the girls go to or talk about or such?" She asked. "We need a good place to get these two together again!"

Samuel frowned at the boy and got up, arching his back and began to slowly pace around him. "What makes you unique Brian? How come you can just speak to us? I must admit, it puzzles me." The Absol said softly.

Len nodded at his question, "Yeah, I know Len." She said warily.

Roberto didn't bother to speak, he just stared at Lucia and really didn't react to Brian's questions.

Tyro at this point was kicking his legs about and laughing as the claws wiggled against his sensitive sides. "Stahahap! Merchehehey!" The Combusken giggled out.
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