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Quote originally posted by Charizard_Man:
Yeah, you're right. I'll just wait until the Viridian Forest comes out! So excited (: I've really been wanting to interact with someone, so if anyone wants to try and make friends with Trey just let me know. But he doesn't play well with others, so i apologize in advance ):

I'm American, but you know what they say about us Americans. We're all fat right? That's why i sleep ALLLL day ;D LOLOL just playing not fat ;p
Sounds like we're as excited for the next chapter as the rest of the forum is for Pokémon X & Y xD

Hehe, that's why I never really enjoy playing as dark or grim or bitter or lonely characters. All my characters might feel a bit similar, but that's simply because I know what I like :3

All americans are fat. Stop lying.
I really hope everyone realizes that that was a joke.

EDIT: Ah. I'll just post the forest now. But chapter 3 likely won't be up until everyone has posted in chapter 2. PC wouldn't let me double post without automatic merging so I just put the new chapter at the top of my last post. So enjoy!

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