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Ben Tobin

Name: Ben Tobin | Age: 14 | Trainer: Hoenn Male | Starter: Dewott, Air Slash
the start of a new journey;

Personality: Ben is a boy who often finds himself lost within his own head. To most people, he comes off as aloof or a daydreamer. "Always with his head in the clouds", as his grandfather said once. He is a very cheerful boy often to the point of being overly optimistic however he does not often show it. He dreams of training a team of Pokemon whom he can be proud of and who will be his friends. He does not particularly enjoy battling, preferring to train his Pokemon in other ways however when necessary he will give a battle his all. He has a very high respect for Pokemon in general and the only thing that can truly make him angry is if he sees a Pokemon being senselessly hurt or misused for a person's own selfish gain. He is most afraid of being alone, and yet this is how he finds himself most of the time, alone with only his thoughts.

He has an older sister who left long ago to follow her own dreams of becoming a great Pokemon breeder. He has not spoken to her since, though they were once very close friends. He thinks of her when he is sad or unsure of himself to give him confidence as she always told him that he was strong within himself and he could do the things he wanted to most, even if he didn't believe so. He enjoys classical music such as a grand piano piece as he finds it very relaxing and he doesn't care much for television, preferring to spend his free time researching Pokemon and learning all that he can of them. He is also very active physically, beginning every morning with pushups and a run along his usual route just outside the city. Overall, he is a very caring soul if a bit reserved and remote.

Roleplay sample:
Ben Tobin sat upon the gate to his grandparents' house, watching the great bronze orb of the sunlight rising over the eastern hills of Viridian City. He chewed thoughtfully on a bagel, looking down at the note he'd written himself so that he would remember; Professor Pine, 9am. He wondered what his Pokemon would be like. He had no preference on type. He would be happy with simply, a happy, loyal friend. Someone he could talk to. He finished his bagel and wiped his hands and as the sun continued to rise high up over the bustling city, Ben got down and did 20 pushups, slowly, carefully, the feelings of mild burn he'd experienced in his arms when he first began doing pushups had long since faded and he did them almost without thinking, his body well accustomed to the exercise.

"You wanna tire yourself out before the day's begun?" The low, gravelly and yet loving voice of his grandfather said behind him. Ben stood up and stretched, smiling broadly.

"C'mon grandpa." He said, clapping the elderly man on the shoulder very lightly. "You know I'm always out here like this. It's the best way to get a good feel for the day."

"I know. I know but you work yourself too much. A young boy like you, you should be playing with friends or out exploring." His grandfather smiled himself, but it was a concerned one. He looked over the young boy in his black and red pants and shirt, backpack already loaded and strapped over his back. He looked determined and ready for anything. The old man was proud.

"Well at least come inside. Your grandmother is making eggs."

They went on up the path to the well-worn brick house and went inside. His grandmother was in the kitchen wearing an apron and doling eggs and bacon out on plates around a table. The boy and his grandfather took their seats and waited for her to sit down across from them and they all smiled.

"I'm so excited for you." She said, taking his hand. "You're growing up so fast and now you're getting your own Pokemon and going off on a big adventure."

"I'm real nervous." Ben said, looking down at his plate. "What if my Pokemon doesn't like me?"

"Oh he will. How could he not? You're a sweet, intelligent young man." His grandfather said. "You just need a little more confidence in yourself."

"Maybe you're right." Ben looked up, smiling. "I couldn't even sleep last night I was so excited." He said as he began eating.

"We've never left this city my boy. But there is a whole world out there waiting for you to make your mark. Just remember to have respect for those you meet and treat them kindly."

"And I packed you a nice lunch for your trip." His grandmother set a bag down on the table, smiling lovingly at the boy.

"I appreciate it grandma. Thank you." He said taking off his backpack and placing the lunchbag within. They looked at each other, all smiling and then began to eat.

-- -- -- --

Ben stood outside the Pokemon Center, looking over the official-looking building he stepped forward and the doors opened on their own, beckoning him inside. Ben stepped back, a bit surprised. He had never been inside this place but had always wanted to. He gathered himself up and went forth into the Center, the doors closing behind him.

Inside their were all manner of sights. Trainers and their Pokemon in the various seats around the lobby. They all looked so happy and content. He walked across the clean white tiles, stepping up to the counter where the woman with pink hair in a white nurse's uniform smiled down at him.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center." She said. "How may I help you?

"I-I'm here to see Professor Pine." Ben said, looking around to see if he could see the Professor.

"Ah, you must be one of the new trainers!" The woman stepped looked to her left where another set of doors lay.
"Right through there is where the Professor will see you."

Ben walked through the doors and into a grand laboratory. There were beakers and pitchers and tubes on great big tables all along the walls. At the end of the room was an odd-looking machine where 4 Pokeballs lay within a glass casing. Ben eagerly stepped up to the machine, trying to see how he might open it.

"See any ones you like?" A kind voice said behind him. He turned to see the grinning face of a tall, lean, beautiful woman in a white labcoat with long dark hair trailing behidn her.

"P-professor I'm sorry I-"

"Oh don't worry yourself. I was just tending to this little lady here." She held out a Pokeball labled 'Dewott'.
"She's quite the feisty one. Would you like to see her?"

"Oh would I!" Ben exclaimed, stepping back a bit as the Professor released the Pokemon and the white light from the ball formed into a blue, bi-pedal otter-looking Pokemon which held gold shells in its tiny little paws.

"Dewwwott!" It said loudly, throwing up its arms and leaping into the boy's arms.

"Wow, she's already taken a liking to you huh?" The Professor said, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "That's incredible."

Ben held the Water Pokemon in his arms with a slight tear in his eye. He had hoped for just this kind of Pokemon. He looked up at the Professor.

"May I have this one?"

"Of course!" Professor Pine said, walking over to the machine where the other pokeballs lay inside. "You wouldn't like to see your other choices?"

"No way Dewott here is the one!" Ben said smiling huge and hugging the otter Pokemon who hugged him back.

"Deww-ott!" She said.

"Well, Dewott is a fine starter Pokemon. This one here is quite the loyal companion I think you two will get along just fine."

"Great! Well looks like you and I are gonna be pals, girl." Ben said, letting the Pokemon down to walk. "You don't wanna be in your Pokeball?" He said, holding up the red and white ball. The small otter Pokemon shook her head defiantly. "Alright then, out it is." Ben said patting her on the head.

"Now, there are just a few other things you will need on your journey but they are equally as important." She held out a red handheld computer-looking object and a laminated card with Ben's picture on it.
"This, is your Pokedex. It is an invaluable tool for observing wild Pokemon and cataloging the ones you capture. It really does it all. Make sure to NEVER lose it."

"Of course, Professor. I'll protect it with my life." Ben held the Pokedex in one hand, flipping it open and turning it on the Dewott at his heels. The Pokedex pinged to life instantly, bringing up a picture of a Dewott.

Dewott, the Discipline Pokemon. It is said that as a result of strict training, each Dewott learns different forms for using its scalchops.

"You're getting the hang of it already! Good job!" The Professor said.
"Now here is the last thing you will need," She handed Ben the laminated card, "This, is your Pokemon League license. With this, you may collect badges from the various Gym Leaders around this region. You may also enter the Pokemon League Tournament once you have collected all 8 badges!"

"Wow! This is so cool! How can I ever thank you enough Professor?"

"By completing this Pokedex and aiding me in my research and also by pushing yourself to your limits and competing in the League, that would make me very proud."

"Dewott and I will do our best!" Ben said looking down to his new partner. "Right girl?"

"Dew! Dewwott!" The little Pokemon said excitedly jumping up and down.

"Oh and I almost forgot. You'll need these too." The Professor said producing five small Pokeballs in her hand. "These will be used for catching wild Pokemon, but you'll need to weaken it a bit first. Also, you may only carry six Pokemon at any given time. The others will be stored here in the Pokemon Center should you need them." Ben took the Pokeballs and stared at them for a moment, trying to visualize his other future partners.

"Route 2 is just up the road, its a great place to start." She said.

"Then that's where we'll begin! Well it looks like we've got some catching to do!" The boy said placing the Pokeballs in his pocket.
"Thank you again Professor!"

"You just do your best out there! Catch as many Pokemon as you can!"

"I will!" Ben and his new partner, Dewott walked out of the lab through the lobby and out into the City to begin his journey.

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