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I have to say Gen V, mainly because of the designs of their final forms. Oshawott's is okay, but removing Snivy's limbs and making Tepig bipedal just ruined those starters for me.

Originally Posted by dragonfly_dust View Post
3rd gen: Oh dear...Blaziken stats and movepool sucked. Worse in-game, it was either getting a fire starter or getting a Camerupt. That sucked even more. Sceptile was outright forgettable. Swampert's typing however saved this generation. Only have to worry about Grass types? YES!
In my Opinion, this generation had the greatest designs, plus Sceptile was in terms of stats the most powerful grass starter at that point. High speed and sp. attack, plus access to leaf blade made him far more dangerous than Venusaur and Meganium for me.
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