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Quote originally posted by Letham:
Name: Ben Tobin
Looks good! Accepted, welcome to the RP! You may start posting in chapter 1 whenever you feel ready.

There is just one thing I noticed when reading your SU. Nothing major, but a pet peeve of mine when it comes to grammar ;)

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center." She said. "How may I help you?

"I-I'm here to see Professor Pine." Ben said, looking around to see if he could see the Professor.

When doing dialogue like this, you should rather put comma , than point . and then skip the capital letter. Except for when it's a name, Ben for example. Like this:
"Welcome to the Pokemon Center," she said. "How may I help you?

"I-I'm here to see Professor Pine," Ben said, looking around to see if he could see the Professor.

If it's an exclamation mark, I think I usually still skip the capital letter. The reason is that we're telling a story about what others said, and thus we don't really quit our sentence even though the character quit a sentence in their dialogue. Maybe you knew all this but I'm just making sure 8D

Quote originally posted by Sir Bastian:
I honestly can't wait for Viridian either. This RP is a ton of fun, and I actually have a bit of a plot in mind for something that'll turn into interaction between characters. Or can, at least :P Say Red, are we required to bring our rival into Viridian again? Just a thought.
It's up :3 At the top of my last post, since doubleposting seems to be an automatic no-no. I'm so glad you like the RP!! :D

You're not required to bring your rival into the forest. You can write about them or not write about them, do as you want. If they are required in some future chapter, I'll state so in that chapter info :3

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