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I have a physical copy of Green in Japanese. It's nothing special, it's literally like Blue in English other than some graphic differences. In Japanese Blue is the 'different' game. Blue in Japan was like Crystal, Emerald or Platinum in the later generations. Yellow (Pikachu is its title in Japanese, no Yellow to be found there) Yellow also was color enhanced compared to its Japanese counterpart. In the Japanese version the overworld was Yellow based as was Red being red based, Blue being blue based and Green being well, green based. Basically what happened when the games first came to America was, they took the sprites and translated script from the Japanese Blue. Not sure why they didn't just release Red and Green, then Blue, then Yellow here. As kids we would've been happy with 4 Kanto games over 3. There seems to be mystery surrounding Green; but, it's not anything special. It's more or less what we got with Blue.

Basically what Chaos Rush was saying too.
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