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Mafia talk, wow I missed it

Quote originally posted by Bloodex:
Ha, I'm playing Mafia online. You guys know bout that game?
yeah, Ive played many a forum mafia
Quote originally posted by LilJz1234:
What kind of game is it? Like the gameplay.

Basically it's a strategy game where an uninformed majority vs an informed minority. The goal of the game is for either team to win by eliminating members of the other. In my experience the uninformed minority(town) has to kill all the informed minority(Mafia) to win and the Mafia has to outnumber the Town to win. Strategy includes finding suspicious behavior, teamwork, using role powers and debating. There are two kinds of phases: Day and Night. During the Day, players vote for a person to die whom they feel is suspicious and therefore could be mafia. Mafia can also try to frame town players in an attempt to kill them while appearing as Town. This can be difficult. During Night phase players use powers they recieve with roles called Night Actions. They can be useful to their side and include investigative powers, protective abilities, etc. Mafia also kills a townie during Night phase.

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