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Quote originally posted by Gyardosamped:
Cake story
Wow, that's awesome xD Could someone just please help me read and understand one line? It's the "I hope you, much like this cake, are not m tiers"... I have a hard time understanding puns x.x

Quote originally posted by François:
Well I don't think you can say how anyone will react to losing their family, really. I am of course not saying I'm going to enjoy the process if things do go badly but no, I wouldn't be overly cut up about cutting contact with people who hate me. I tolerate my father at the best of times and while I get on with my mother for the most part, if she can't accept me then why would I care about losing her? I am not particularly worried about my parents trying to change me, if they don't accept it then I'll cut off contact myself.

Personally I'd rather be honest and without family than commit to spending the majority of my adult life pretending to be someone my parents like. I can't even begin to think of how stressful that would all be. It's one thing saying you have a girlfriend (and all the lies that come with that) but it's another thing hiding living with another man, or whatever. Regardless of how unpleasant cutting off contact with my family would be, it is preferable to lying for me.

(thanks for the welcomes guys!)
You're right. I shouldn't have been so quick to guess your reaction to losing contact with your family. Sorry about that.
But still, we could probably debate over this topic for hours, there will always be two sides. Both coming out and not coming out have their pros and cons. I understand you want to be honest. It's honorable and much easier, knowing you don't have to lie and hide. But I personally always choose to stay on the "not coming out" side.

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