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Quote originally posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher:
Oh god, that video of Feeling Good being played drunk kills my every time haha. The megaphone verse... I can't even, it's just so funny. So out of character for Matt, it's adorable watching him like that! And when they got offended by Uprising having to be played from the recorded version so they all swap instruments with Matt's cheeky smile on the drums and the interviewer not noticing, they really do have some great bloopers haha.

Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
I'm a huge fan of Muse...! Okay, I didn't know half of the songs posted here. I first heard them around 2009 or so, probably. I remember hearing Uprising on the radio a lot. That's one beauty of this band for me - every song amazingly delivers and I am always finding new songs.
Baby you need to listen to Showbiz! It's their first album but there's soo many gems in it, it's really worth a listen if you haven't already. My personal favourite is Sunburn shot back when they were still geeky teens, but you also need to listen to Uno, Cave, Muscle Museum, Unintended (although I think I played you that one already!) and Fillip. Such a good album, honestly!

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