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Quote orignally posted by Miss Doronjo:
You know what? I'd like ta see more pokemon that can be classified as 'fake items'. O: If you homeys remember pokemon that were 'fake items', n some ndoor isas, some item balls were Voltarb or Electrode, n which case nteractng wit tham will nstead nitiate a battle wit said Pokémon. N Generation V, n foested isas some item balls were Foongus or beoonguss.

Maybe thare can be some pokemon that is shaped like pokemon potions or even money~!
I'd actually like ta see anothar Pokémon like dis agan tao. It always makes it more fun when you see an item and thnk it's an item, but really it's just a Pokémon hidden as an item.

Did y-aw git that?

Snce you mentioned it, I was thnkng a Pokémon that is similar ta berries. Not like how Foongus and beoonguss is mushrooms, but a Pokémon more like Cherubi and Cherrim that could be mistakesn as an item/berry.

Actually, dis would work out really well if we had soil ta plant / fnd berries n a la RSE, and sometimes when we go ta pick a berry it ends up ben that Pokémon nstead.
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