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Meredith Hudson // Route 2 // Post Two

It was a little over half an hour since leaving the clearing where Meredith caught her Nidoran that she was finally able to make it to the treatment center. She had travelled with hast, worried that being in the condition they were in for too long would be harmful to her team mates.

There had been several people, all travellers, in the center. Most of them looked like they were gearing up to tackle the infamous Viridian Forest, thankful that supplies were able to be bought here. Whilst Wartortle and Nidoran were being brought back to full health, Meredith had stocked up on supplies. Not that she could afford much but an extra Potion or two might come in handy at some point. She’d rather be over prepared than not at all.

The kind looking assistant Meredith had spoken to about healing her Pokemon had brought them back to her their Pokeballs looking extra shiny as Meredith had settled down on a comfy couch. She intended to sort out her bag before they headed off again but decided firstly to have a chat with Nidoran. Clicking the white button on the Pokeball, her new Pokemon appeared before her on the ground, stretching and yawning as he blinked a couple of times, taking in his surroundings.

His extremely large ears, that looked oversized for a normal Nidoran twitched as he focussed on different sounds in the main room. They then both faced towards Meredith, as he waited for his new trainer to say something. He had not long ago just left his mother’s nest, after all and had no idea who this human girl was or what she wanted from him. All he knew was he was no longer scared, for he knew it was this girl who helped him feel better after the awful Wartortle had beat him down and scared him.

“Hi, little Nidoran!” Meredith wasn’t sure whether she should be enthusiastic or slow and steady with this little guy. He was a little startled by her sudden outburst so she decided to tone it down a little.

“Sorry Nidoran,” She lowered her voice tone, trying to be soothing. “I didn’t mean to give you a fright. My name’s Meredith and I’m sorry Wartortle and I startled you earlier.” At the mention of Wartortle, Nidoran’s ears suddenly laid back and he bared his teeth, his eyes darting around the room cautiously.

“Hey! There’s no need for that little guy,” Meredith reached out and scooped him up into her arms. Nidoran instantly felt more secure and nuzzled into his new trainer. “Wartortle’s my friend too, we didn’t attack you out of spite or anything, I think we were as surprised as you were to find someone else in the area at that time.”

Not wanting conflict between her new Pokemon and her starter, Meredith tried to think of things to say that would ease Nidoran’s feelings towards Wartortle. That seemed to work though, receiving a little nod from Nidoran before he closed his eyes in her arms, feeling quite content. Not wanting to be stuck here for a while, Meredith laughed before lifting Nidoran onto the ground.

“No sleeping yet Nidoran! We’ve got some more travelling to do yet? What do you say? Is that ok with you?” Meredith questioned the little Nidoran before letting Wartortle out of his ball, keeping Nidoran’s attention on her as she did so. “Do you want to come on a journey with us?”

Nidoran took a couple of moments to think about this proposal before seeming to agree with his new trainer, happy to tag along with someone who would look after him well. The little pink Pokemon then noticed Wartortle standing behind him and he jumped round, his shoulders raised and his ears lowered again.

“Nidoran,” Meredith said in a stern voice. “Wartortle, can you explain to Nidoran that you don’t want to hurt him?”
With fascination, Meredith watched Wartortle reason with Nidoran, their speech and gestures unbeknown to their trainer. Before long, the young Nidoran had seemed to understand what Wartortle was saying to him and they shook on it, leaving Meredith with a smile on her face.

“Great! Now, we’ve got to get into the forest and out before sun down guys! We’ve got to make it to the next city already. So Mum and Dad can actually see we are doing something productive.” Meredith picked up her bag, replacing the Pokeballs and headed for the door, Wartortle and Nidoran in tow.

Meredith was always one to mind her own business when it came to strangers. It took her by surprise and annoyance when out of nowhere, a voice started yelling.

“Hey you! Hey! Stop!”

Not realising the voice was calling for her, she kept walking, the automatically doors sliding open and closed quickly enough.

“Hey, stop! Girl!”

At this, Meredith turned around to see what all the commotion was about, to find a young boy, probably only one or two years older than herself stopping in front of her, grinning like a mad man.

“Hey! I was calling you!” He said, still grinning. His messy brown hair hung above his shining blue eyes and he certainly looked like he was ready for a journey, his backpack slung on his back, trainers seeming well worn.

“Sorry, do I know you?” Meredith answered, motioning to Wartortle and Nidoran to stand behind her, not knowing what this creepy kid was trying to do.

“No, of course not! I came to check out your Wartortle, is all!” The boy knelt down, trying to coax Wartortle forward so he could take a closer look at him. That was when Meredith saw, by the boy’s side, stood a small blue turtle. It was something she recognised only from a book she’d read. This was Wartortle’s first evolution form, Squirtle. As intriguing as this boy was, she didn’t want anything to do with him. Meredith put a hand protectively on Wartortle’s head, who stood at roughly her hip height.

“Sorry, we don’t really talk to strangers,” She said, taking a step back from him. Nidoran took a defensive stance, his ears flat against his back. Wartortle glared at the boy, who had grabbed a small notebook and pencil and began to sketch Wartortle. “Excuse me, can you not do that?”

Meredith, becoming extremely annoyed, tried to snatch the notebook out of the boy’s hand. He was too quick for her though, standing back up and jumping back a step before she could reach him. She ended up standing a little too close for comfort near him. He smelt pretty good too, for a traveller. Erasing that thought from her mind and instantly as she had thought it, she took a step back, trying to appear as annoyed as possible.

“You can’t just go ahead and draw a stupid drawing of someone else’s Pokemon without their permission!”

Wartortle and Nidoran backed her up, both clearly following their trainer’s lead. The boy just continued to grin.

“Sorry about that Miss, I’m Noah Dune, amateur Pokemon sketcher and new trainer,” He held out his hand for her to shake but Meredith just crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him. Wartortle did the same.

“Well, if you don’t want to tell me your name, I’ll just have to call you… Missy. So where did you get your Wartortle? He looks kinda overweight if you ask me. Are you one of Professor Pine’s students?”

Meredith just gaped at the rudeness of this stupid boy. How dare he say Wartortle was overweight? She looked down at her partner, who looked back at her, a little sadness in his eyes. The look he received from his trainer told him that she wasn’t going to let this Noah Dune character get away with a comment like that.

“Don’t you ever say anything like that ever again! I wondered how rude and insensitive people could be but obviously I’ve just found the epitome of that! You!”

Shaking her head in frustration, Meredith motioned to Wartortle and Nidoran to follow her before she turned her back on Noah, heading down the path towards the forest. Her blood was boiling now. No one had ever been able to make her feel so mad before. As they continued, Meredith was unable to see that Noah had begun to sketch again, drawing the outline of herself, Wartortle on her right and Nidoran on her left, as they walked quickly down the road away from him.

“Tough nut to crack, huh Royce,” He said to the Squirtle, who nodded in return, choosing not to react to Meredith and what she had said about his trainer. “Well, I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again. Definitely…”. His sketch, though brief, had captured all he needed of the pretty girl with the Wartortle.
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