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Originally Posted by Left 4 good View Post
Rayquaza EX - Dragons exalted
Gigalith (Holo) - Dragons exalted
Emboar (Holo) - Boundaries crossed
Vileplume (Holo) - Bounaries crossed.

My half decent pulls from today/yesterday :)
Rayquaza EX: $8 to $12 (existence of tin version really devalues it).
Gigalith: $2 to $4.
Emboar: $1 to $3.
Vileplume: $1 to $3.

Originally Posted by Left 4 good View Post
Boundaries crossed gem mint:

Ace Spec; computer search
Rev holo; Blastoise
Computer Search: $15 to $20.
Blastoise (reverse holo): $9 to $13.

Originally Posted by Ohhello View Post
Mint condition Unlimited Foil Charizard 120 HP
1st Edition Victreebel Foil 80 HP
Mint Condition Hitmonchan Unlimited Foil 70 HP
1st Edition Haunter Foil 50 HP
I need sets for these. A couple of later sets reprinted all 4 of these cards.
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