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Quote originally posted by Left 4 good:
Rayquaza EX - Dragons exalted
Gigalith (Holo) - Dragons exalted
Emboar (Holo) - Boundaries crossed
Vileplume (Holo) - Bounaries crossed.

My half decent pulls from today/yesterday :)
Rayquaza EX: $8 to $12 (existence of tin version really devalues it).
Gigalith: $2 to $4.
Emboar: $1 to $3.
Vileplume: $1 to $3.

Quote originally posted by Left 4 good:
Boundaries crossed gem mint:

Ace Spec; computer search
Rev holo; Blastoise
Computer Search: $15 to $20.
Blastoise (reverse holo): $9 to $13.

Quote originally posted by Ohhello:
Mint condition Unlimited Foil Charizard 120 HP
1st Edition Victreebel Foil 80 HP
Mint Condition Hitmonchan Unlimited Foil 70 HP
1st Edition Haunter Foil 50 HP
I need sets for these. A couple of later sets reprinted all 4 of these cards.

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