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Quote originally posted by mikethepokemaster:
i can't go any further after i get my third badge.
That was caused by my carelessness,I uploaded a wrong patch,and I uploaded the right one just now.

Quote originally posted by lizzzz:
I have the same problem. The file that I download is labeled as "pre-alpha" still..

Anyway, I really liked the hack. There are some obvious grammatical errors and the graphics could be more polished, but for a first release the game is very promising. I like the story that you have going on and I like all the character interactions. The stat/move-set alters are also a nice addition to make the game play a little more difficult.

Good luck on this project!
Sorry,I just mistakenly uploaded the previous patch,and now I changed it,so I believe that this newest patch will be the right one.
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