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Lucia Francisco Bernavard - Academy Cafeteria

Robert just glared down at the tiny plant, already seeing why she and the gremlin hung out. They were devious creatures. Oh, she would make an interesting target for him. As Brian apologized Roberto just glared at him and looked out at the cafeteria once more, glancing about here and there. He didn't care if the boy could hear what he said, the fact of the matter was that he wasn't his trainer.

Diana blushed even more at Len's statement. "Uh... thanks Len...." She more along croaked out as Samuel chuckled. "Ah, two blushing pokemon, not a happier sight in my books!" He said. "Yes, it is a pleasure to be sure Brian." He stated.

Tyro glanced up at Able with a smirk, "Yeahyoumayknowmyweaknessesbutyouareweaktofire! SoI'lljustflameyouupnexttimeyoudothat!" He chuckled.

Lucia nodded slowly, "Hm... okay birds are out. Get some grass types on that tomorrow then if you could Brian. We need good looking flowers. Mark! Does Valorie have a preference for certain types of flowers?" She did glance over at his ribbon case, "Good, that can work perfectly. You'll look over the room and such once we get one and see if it can stand up to par." She smirked and rubbed her chin. "We'll need chaperones of course, people to lead Valorie to the area without giving away the surprise. Hm... pokemon might be better though since Valorie won't be able to hear what they say..."
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