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Originally Posted by Lickitricky View Post
Do you still offer a free DWF per week? I would like a DWf Bagon- IVs/Nature dont matter at all.

If not, I can offer you any Power item, a Rocky Helmet, Soul Dew, any Evolutionary stone excluding Leaf, a Magmarizer, or Wacan/Kebia/Tenga/Colbur/Ganlon berries.

I probably have uninteresting Pokemon offers: a Japanese Careful DWf Sableye, a Japanese Kyurem, and a Terrakion are pretty much it. I have two level 15 Japanese Event Meloettas, but they come from a replica of the event involving editing DNS to get them from the GTS, which I think constitutes as a hacked Pokemon.

If by any chance more than one of these offers are interesting to you, I'm up for any additional trades, such as for a DWF Vulpix or Poliwag.
I will breed you bagon for free. I'll vm you when it's ready
I might take some time though.
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