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Originally Posted by Kimarah View Post
Hey there folks,

As a lurker to the forum with little experience in hacking I just wanted to give a little input as I'm one of the people keeping an eye on this topic without much to add, really!

It sounds like a great idea to see a community lead project like this and I'd be really eager to see where you run with it. Of course there are a lot of issues with having quite a large group to work on one project but with great leadership, a passionate team and great organisation I can't see why it couldn't be done!

Best wishes to those of you who take the rope on this one, looking forward to seeing your progress and hopefully some results in the future.

I had a feeling there were a few lurkers looking around, nice to see one say something :P
You don't have to help us, but it'll be a good experience for you if you do decide to help out.

Originally Posted by Jim Boob View Post
This, I think its time someone changes the poll, although the outcome does seem to be pretty certain all ready.
I agree, poll change!

Originally Posted by hinkage View Post
The vote is obviously like 99% Darthatron, so let's just move on to categorical leaders.
Not true, the hipsters are beginning to think Darthatron is too mainstream!

People whom I thank:
Comrade -- For helping me with my bad hack, and for being a good friend
Darthatron -- Helping me get into basic ASM, even though I'm hopeless. (He is heartless stay away).
Anbuja's_BlooDY -- Graphics help, and being a good friend
FBI -- For having the username I wanted