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Jimmy Vincent
Near the ER

Jimmy quickly acted when Rosalyn collapsed, and caught her before she hit the ground, which would have made her feel even worse. He picked her up, and held her in his arms. "Whoa, easy there." he said, "We're not far." And he wasn't wrong. The Emergency room was just a few steps away from them. With his blonde friend in his arms, the rebellious-looking teenager got to the Emergency room. He didn't have to call for a nurse, as a boy carrying a girl who was obviously not well quickly drew their attention. They asked him what had happened.

"Well, we were out, like, having a battle, an' what not." Jimmy replied not wanting to go back there, "Then she started feeling bad, so I took her here."

As Jimmy talked, Biff entered the Emergency room. Many of the people there in the lobby stared at the maroon Houndoom, but an unfriendly growl from him told them to go back to minding their own business, which they did.

Alice Crenshaw

Alice listened to Whitney and crossed her arms. Well, that cleared up something about Roxas, but... Harassing? That didn't sound like him... He was very nice to her, and she couldn't believe that right after the kiss he was out there ticking someone off like that. Then Whitney asked if all guys there were like that. She looked really, really upset about that encounter. Alice placed her hand on her back and gave her a pat.

"I'm really sorry, Whitney." she said, then smiled, "But it's okay, I mean, there are a lot of nice people here too."

She remembered her first day there, and all her time at the Academy flashed before her eyes. People were very nice to her and she felt very comfortable. Sure, there were some nasty stuff, like the soul-eating ghosts, the guy who she lost to and whatnot, but all in all it was all good.

"Trust me, it will all be alright. Now what do you say we start training?" she said, "It will sure make us both get our minds off our troubles."
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