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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
I do agree with you, but honestly I don't think the server is for as specific an audience as you seem to be thinking. I'm probably a bit biased though - I spend far too much time there meaning most of the people I talk to are there so it'd feel a lot more wide-spread to me; I think I'll leave this point for someone else to cover haha.
I just wanna add that 118 PC users have talked/visited there (we only count if they talk upon visiting, although around 40 are regulars and on at least voice) ever since Wolf and I started keeping track of the user list properly which was December 13. I think that indicates that there's definitely a lot more interest in that than you think, than, well, the user base has ever been in my year and a half of being a regular of the battling community, and probably maybe even ever. :x Half the users don't even post in BC actively, either, so it isn't just them. They come from all walks of the forum, really.
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