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Chapter One: Part Eight
An (Un)Safe Arrival!

"I'm really sorry, Whitney. But it's okay, I mean, thare is a lot of funky ass thugz here tao."

Whitney smirked slightly. "Pfft, you're tellng me. Seeng as I've only met that homey and you, I'd sez dis school is fifty percent funky ass, fifty percent obnoxious. Though furthar testng is needed." She crunched and chewed up tha candy stick, followng tha better fifty percent.

"Trust me, it will all be alright. Now what d-ya sez we start tranng? It will sure make us both git our mnds off our troubles."

"Hey, why not?" Whitney grnned. "Pidge has been itchng fo some activity!" Upon her nbee's mention, tha wngs that at first seemed like Witty's Angel wngs began ta flap bout, and tha Pidgeotta emerged from her back pack, perchng on Whitney's shoulder. She looked like yo average Pidgeotta, if you disregarded tha bright white and clearly out of place large wngs she had. After tha bird left her bag, she slipped off tha backpack, and tha two straps seemngly fused nta one, which Witty threw over her shoulder. Such a fashionable backpack-purse, Whitney! You'll be tha envy of all of tha girl students! "Better idea, let's battle! Pidge versus yo Solosis, how does that sound?"

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