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Quote originally posted by Zahri:
Might you go over the kabutops/FE hitmonlee page next? =3 And thank you for the work thus far!
Kabutops Fossil (holo): $2 to $4.
Dark Dugtrio Team Rocket (holo): $3 to $5.
Dark Machamp Team Rocket (holo): $2 to $4.
1st Edition Hitmonlee Fossil (holo): $7 to $11.
Aerodactyl Fossil (holo): $2 to $4.
Hitmonchan Base Set Shadowed: $1 to $3.
Brock's Rhydon Gym Heroes: $2 to $4.
1st Edition Machamp Base Set Shadowed (only Base Set 1st Edition card to have a shadowed version!): $3 to $5.
Japanese Brock's Rhydon Gym Series 1: $1 to $3.

Next page, please!

Quote originally posted by Left 4 good:
My Rayquaza isn't the same one as in the tin though, the one I have has a head aiming right, the tin one faces downwards.
I know. Your Rayquaza EX is the one that's worth $8 to $12. The tin one is worth around just $5.
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