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@ Breezy.
That's just the kind of storydriving pokémon interaction that I like to reward with levels :3 Maybe not always, but sometimes.

- Wartortle grew to lvl 13 and learned Water Gun!
- Nidoran grew to lvl 9 and learned Double Kick!

@ Red Wing

Phoenix really is a battler!

- Phoenix (Combusken) grew to lvl 12!
- Katt's new Petilil is on lvl 8!

@ Charizard_Man

An interesting implementation of the grumpy coffee man ^^ But some parts of the post are a bit confusing.
The woman laughed, "We're poachers, we've been catching all the Beedrill in this area for weeks. But lately we haven't spotted any. This Kakuna will have to do.” she looked back at Luther and snarled orders. “Let’s get out of here. Go, LILLIGANT! Drag the net now!”

“Lilli!” Marowak smirked, then picked up the ends of the net, hauled it over her shoulders, and proceeded to walk away. The grass type stopped in her tracks, there was no weight at the other end of the net.

Luther grunted. “What the hell?”

Jane shrugged. “The old man must've cut through the net with a knife, how clever.”

The green haired man nodded. “Let’s just make this a whole lot easier. Go, Ponyta!” The large pony pokemon with black eyes and the fiery mane faced the group. Luther quietly commanded the Ponyta. “Use Hypnosis.” Ponyta began to shake its head back and forth, but suddenly stopped once it noticed a pair of large blades behind the resting Kakuna.

"Scytheeeeee...." The mysterious figure whispered. Both Sesu and Yolei crawled away in terror as a large green pokemon with blades for arms sprung out from the grass they were on and landed with powerful force. It wiped its blades together, prepared for battle. Jane raised an eyebrow, "A Scyther?"

Lilligant? Marowak? Uh? Also, Jane? Luther? When... what... where these introduced? What I mean is, maybe read over your whole posts an extra time and make sure everything makes sense before posting them :3

- Zilla (Croconaw) grew to lvl 15 and is able to learn Scary Face!
Forget an old move or skip learning Scary Face? Answer in the OOC thread.

- Stitch (Nidoran) grew to lvl 10 and learned Double Kick!
- Trey's new Scyther is on lvl 9!
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