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C.J. Styles
--> Cafeteria

Running, stumbling, falling, running again. That’s all C.J. could remember as the Academy finally came into sight. The horrid time spent in the forest seemed more like a nightmare then reality. But then, where did this Golett come from.

As C.J. ran across the Academy grounds his Pokemon released themselves from their Pokeballs and ran along side him. Worried about his safety he assumed. As he made it to the Cafeteria doors his energy was quickly fading. He swung the doors open and took a few stumbling steps into the building.

A quick glance around revealed a few trainers and their Pokemon, good news because that was the last thing he saw before he fainted, hitting the ground hard. His Pokemon left to watch his motionless body.

Ace tried waking C.J. up by nudging at him with his head. No use, C.J. was out cold, visibly bruised from fleeing the Dead Forest and that Girl. Clothes torn, scratches and scraps bleeding, soaked, he didn’t look good that was for sure.

There wasn’t much his Pokemon could do, hopefully C.J. would gain enough consciousness to seek help, or another trainer would help them. All they could do, for now, was wait.
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