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Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(so 12 year old girl right now ikr)
Could I adopt a female, timid drifloon with unburden or its DW ability? If not unburden will do.(in other words, drifloon 02)
Could I also get a nidoran male with jolly nature? If not, any nature. Any ability will do.
One more request. I'd like a tynamo(if you breed them). Any gender or nature.(Preferably female w/ careful)
Also the shedinja I pmed you dont need to worry about it. I got one.
PS. I'm in the UK time zone and my black 2 code is 3912-6292-9254
Also, I don't care about EV or IV training. A weak pokemon is a happy pokemon.(so goody-two-shoes right now ikr)

My NEW black 2 FC: 0347-8844-0065

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