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chapter two; VELVET LIGHTS
Meredith Hudson // Viridian Forest // Post Three

Meredith had decided as soon as they’d stepped foot in the forest that it was the most creepiest place she’d ever been in. Some of the trees hung low over the worn pathway, looking dead and lifeless whilst other reached tall and fruitful towards the skies, letting much needed light in. Meredith half expected to find a wizard’s lair around the next bend or a cottage made out of gingerbread, it was the stuff of fairy tales. Concentrating on staying on the path and making sure that she or her two Pokemon didn’t trip or get separated from the group forced her to stop thinking about the equally creepy meeting with the boy, Noah Dune. Still seething at his comments about Wartortle, she tried to put it behind her. They weren’t going to be seeing him ever again, if she could help it.

Good thing too, because it wasn’t long before Meredith had to concentrate even harder as bug type Pokemon dropped down from the low hanging trees, attacking the intruders to their territory. It was not a great day to be walking through a Beedrill’s nesting area and it was Nidoran who was given a shot at taking down the pair of bugs first.

“Nidoran, jump up and use Peck attack!” Meredith was getting more and more used to throwing commands around and becoming more comfortable with thinking about strategy and attacking at the same time. The little pink Pokemon gathered all his might and jumped towards the Beedrill, hitting the bug square on the chest. Nidoran seemed more capable than Wartortle at aiming his attacks, probably due to the fact that Nidoran used his whole body to attack rather than an external force like Wartortle had to. Meredith still failed to see this however.

As Nidoran landed safely back on the ground, running back to take up position in front of Meredith, Beedrill retaliated very quickly, the sharp points on its arms failing only twice out of five hits to penetrate Nidoran’s tough skin.

“Keep it up Nidoran, use Peck again at close range!”

Meredith’s quick thinking changed the fortune of this battle to her favour, Nidoran’s Peck being very effective. The Beedrill was knocked back, it’s partner buzzing over to it, seeming to want to attend to its wounds. Meanwhile, Nidoran was panting hard though he still looked rearing to go.

“Nidoran, try Focus Energy whilst those Beedrill are busy,” Meredith’s command was quiet, so only Nidoran could hear her whilst the second Beedrill coaxed the other one back into battle.

Nidoran’s Focus Energy was quick, short and sharp but all he needed, still being at such a low level. Without a command from Meredith, he launched at the Beedrill head on, as his attacker met him with equal ferociousness. Luckily for Meredith, who had stopped short of breathing, watching her Nidoran defend her so well, it was Nidoran’s Peck that landed first, knocking the Beedrill out of battle. It dropped to the ground, still breathing but out of luck. If the second Beedrill decided to attack in honour of its fallen comrade, Meredith had decided she would ask Wartortle to take Nidoran’s place but the bugs disappeared as quickly as they had appeared, back into the winding maze of trees. Though they would be able to pass safely through this part of the forest, they would not be so lucky in other parts patrolled by other menacing bugs.

“I really dislike bugs,” Meredith told Nidoran and Wartortle as she retrieved from her bag a Potion and a small drinking bowl, carefully measuring the medicine before placing it in front of Nidoran who lapped it up willingly. It quickly soothed his aches, whilst also tasting like strawberries. “Thanks for taking care of that Nidoran! Hopefully we can get through a bit more forest before running into Beedrill’s again.”

Once Nidoran had finished and he was feeling better, with an affectionate pat on the head from Meredith, they were off once more. Whilst still being cautious, Meredith felt more confident than ever after that battle. Defending themselves would be no problem now. Not even if that horrible Noah person turned up again.

It wasn’t long before Meredith was thinking twice about her new found confidence as the three of them were chased down by more wild Pokemon. It was difficult to stay on the right path when running from crazed Pokemon who thought you were going to steal the young from their nests. This time, it was an angry Pidgeotto mother who they had run into. Meredith had been gawking at the young Pidgey in the low lying nest, charmed by how cute they were as babies, wondering how they turned into such annoying pests that flocked to the cities when the mother had returned, raging and squawking as she chased them down.

With her heart pounding in her chest, sweat running down her forehead and her Pokemon at her heels, she managing to run into a small shaded area, fooling the Pidgeotto into continuing so Meredith ended up behind the Pidgeotto, able to attack from that angle. She called upon Wartortle to do the job.

“Wartortle, use Brine!” Thinking vaguely that they could wash away the Pokémon’s anger, Meredith watched as Wartortle’s attack shot the Pidgeotto in the chest, covering most of the tree behind her as well. The Pidgeotto didn’t seemed fazed by the attack at all and she swooped towards Wartortle before thrusting her wings at him, creating a powerful gust of air that knocked both Wartortle and Meredith off their feet. Nidoran managed to avoid the attack by hiding in a bush, just as he had when they first found him.

“God, it’s highly unlikely this is a Beedrill battle Wartortle,” Meredith brushed herself off as she stood back up, helping Wartortle off his back. “Use Bubble! Aim for her face!”

Wartortle obeyed the command, puffing up his chest and sending the jet of bubbles towards the Pidgeotto. Hardly any of them stung her face though. Wartortle’s aim was off and the Pidgeotto was too fast. She darted in and out of the jet with ease. Gritting her teeth, Meredith tried to think of another strategy. There was no way Pidgeotto would let them leave without one party falling.

Before she knew it, Pidgeotto had unleashed another Gust attack, this time aiming it at the forest floor. Scattered debris, leaves, twigs, branches, you name it and it was what went flying towards the pair, who were unable to get out of the way in time.

It felt like a long time before the attack stopped and Meredith finally opened her eyes, finding herself curled on the ground, her arms shielding her head. She felt like how she looked, battered and a little bruised. Other than that she was fine. Looking around, she saw Wartortle, retracted into his shell behind her, realising that he must have been the very hard ‘rock’ she felt knock of the wind out of her before she fell. The attacking Pidgeotto was nowhere to be seen.

Meredith slowly rose to her feet, checking all her joints as Nidoran came crawling out from the bush, looking unscathed.

“Are you alright?” She asked the Poison type, who nodded and whimpered in reply. “Wartortle?” She questioned the water type next. His arms quickly shot out of the shell, followed by his head, legs and tail, which was then followed by a groan.

“Man, I am never going near any nests again. That was just too horrible to even bother,” Meredith said, watching Wartortle push himself up of the ground, wincing slightly as he looked more worse for wear than she did.

“War, Wartortle, War,” Though she didn’t understand what he was saying, it seemed that Wartortle knew this couldn’t be helped. This was all part of the trainer experience, right?

“Well, we better get back on track guys,” Looking around, Meredith wasn’t actually sure of which way the main path was. “Um, Wartortle, do you remember the way back?” Meredith, suddenly worried, looked to the Water type, who’s eyes grew wide as he shook his head.

“Nidoran? Do you?” Meredith then questioned the other Pokemon as she continued to look around, looking for a familiar point in the forest. It all looked the same though.

“You don’t think we are lost, do you?”

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